Love & Community… a not so ‘random’ act of kindness by a fellow fan

This summer has a way of staying magic even though I thought it was over.  Before I left for my East Lansing show, I made this sign, hoping that I’d make it to the front row and that I would get Dallas’ attention, and he’d hopefully be so kind as to give me that coveted piece of paper that sat at my hero’s feet that night. When I awoke at 4am that morning, it was the one thing I forgot to bring – I’d completely forgotten about it in our rush to get ourselves together in the pre-dawn for the all-day GA experience.

That morning in the GA line, I met one of my Twitter followers from Ontario – @U2Ginger.  And later, I met Dallas Schoo.  All the while, the thought that I’d forgotten my sign didn’t even cross my mind.  That night in Lansing with a #21 on my hand, I made it to the front row directly in front of The Edge, with my friends surrounding me and Sarah about 8 people to my left.  After the show I was on air as we’d had such an incredible experience that night (much more on that later).  We’d stopped to take a few pics of our group in front of the Claw before security rushed us out.  On the way out of the pit we spoke briefly with Sarah and she excitedly told us she’d got Edge’s setlist!  I was so happy for her… a fellow Canadian and a huge fan – thrilled that someone who deserved it got it.  Just then I briefly thought about my forgotten sign and how I’d have to try to remember to bring it in Toronto where I’d be trying for the front again.

A couple of weeks later in Toronto, I once again left my setlist sign behind, tucked away in the pocket of my carry on – forgotten in the madness of the day.  After another all-day GA, I triumphed for the second time with that same perfect spot directly in front of The Mr!  While I was celebrating the joy of my second time in Edge-girl heaven, a familiar face stopped right behind us in the GA – it was Sarah. She is another beautiful Bonogirl and made lovely company for my three friends from Ohio, also Bonogirls – what can I say, these ladies and I always seem to get along splendidly!

Again, Toronto was another magic show; like Lansing I was lucky enough to share the show with wonderful friends new and old – it was pure bliss.  I was so proud to be in Canada in my favourite city, sharing it with my American friends and Sarah and her lovely group of friends from Ontario.  This was the last show I’d see Sarah at so we’d said goodbye and knew that our paths would cross again someday, the next time U2 comes to Toronto, or hopefully sooner!

I don’t need to tell you what I got in the mail after you’ve read all the above, do I?  Sarah, in an act of selflessness and pure kindness, sent me Edge’s setlist from East Lansing – as, in her words, “you deserve this more than I do”. I quite literally cried when I opened the envelope.

This is why I love this band and these fans.

East Lansing setlist - I love you, Sarah. <3