Dance with me (insert member of U2 here)!

It’s every woman’s dream to dance with Bono.  Except mine.

I mean I wouldn’t bat him away if he was gracious enough to ask, but I’d always be gazing longingly over to his right, and I think it would just make things a bit awkward, don’t you?

All kidding aside, who can forget the amazing moment caught on the Elevation Boston DVD where he brings up the crumbling girl during With Or Without You, lying on the stage with her as he sang and brought her to tears of joy?  It was a great moment that made millions jealous, but she was very gracious and polite, and you just had to root for her, even if she happened to be living YOUR dream.  Speaking of dancing, how about the CoolestChickInTheWorldTM dancing with him during Mysterious Ways on the Vertigo Chicago DVD?  Those moves put his to shame – how great was she?

Those two moments they definitely got right, but I’ve certainly heard a few tales of girls wanting to play a bit of grab-ass with Paul David Hewson… I’m always embarrassed for them.  There’s some pretty amusing videos out there with evidence of such, but come on ladies – if you know Bono at all, you know that he’s not coming home with you tonight – and you just made yourself look like an ass by trying to grab his.

We’ve all seen the signs trying to convince Bono to pick YOU – “One Love, One Dance”, “Lost 50 Lbs To Dance With You, Bono” “Baby In My Belly Wants To Dance With Bono” (which worked, see below!) and the to-the-point directive, ”Dance With Me, Bono!

When baby grows up, what a wonderful gift this photo 
will be!

When baby grows up, what a wonderful gift this photo will be!

It hasn’t always been a dance, over the years the “fans on stage” bit has changed… from the girl in the fuzzy jacket at Red Rocks and the champagne drinkers of ZooTV (not to mention the brave ones who danced with MacPhisto), to the hopefuls who wore their velvet dresses to PopMart and talented musicians of Vertigo, it’s always interesting to see what Bono comes up with next.  He’s managed to keep it fresh, and it’s always a highlight of every show – the most massive band in the world interacting with the people who put them on that stage.

U2 fans really do come up with some great signs – some poignant, some funny, some which are borderline pathetic, some I wish I’d thought of first and some that are, well… legendary.

For the record, this will probably always be my 
favourite crowd sign, EVER.

For the record, this will probably always be my favourite crowd sign, EVER.

However, I think the ultimate crowd sign moment was the one organized for the Vertigo Portland show. Not just one sign, but hundreds, which simply said “Thank You”. Those who were there tell me that it made quite an impact on the band themselves, and that’s really all you can hope for. To get a smile or nod of acknowledgement from your hero(es), whether it gets you up on stage or not.

A simple thank you - U2 fan style

A simple thank you - U2 fan style

So I will end this post with my own creation – a custom flag designed for my hero, which you may see hanging on a railing near you this summer.  I surely know that The Edge is a bit busy to dance with me, but I’m really just hoping for that smile or nod - which will probably change to a “she’s here AGAIN?” look a bit later in July.  Special thanks to my dear friend Nicole, who painstakingly recreated the photo of the Gibson Explorer in vector format for the printer (better still, she’s one of those Bono girls whose dream would come true with “a dance”).  We really are all in this together – congratulations to those who have actually had their dreams realized!

David Howell Evans, this one's for you!

David Howell Evans, this one's for you!